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Web Application

We can offer you great low cost web application with a care level to suit your business

Windows Application

"Make the product more usable" that will help to solve usability problems. Create once, solve every problem

Hosting & Domain

We are dedicated to providing reliable web hosting solutions of the highest quality. One stop solutions for all kind of hosting.

Internet is a staple for any company, but getting the right connection for your business is a decision that shouldn’t be decided on the basis of a ‘good deal’

Mobile & Tablet

We work with all the benignant servers to make sure you get a solution tailored you

More Services

Click here to find out about more services we provide at effective price range

Our Clients

  • Sweam water Pvt. Ltd.
  • Rainbow Marketers
  • Meera Exports
  • Future Forward Real Estate Pvt. Ltd.
  • Notary Khubilal High Court Jaipur
  • Miracle Pharma Pvt. Ltd.


Harish Chandra

CEO, otaavi.in

  • We love it, it’s easy, and it saves us a ton of money on software. If you run computer software, you’re wasting time and money if you don’t have otaavi software solution.

  • Otaavi software solution is a fine piece of software. It will save us thousands of rupees very year, and is allowing us to make more informed software purchasing decisions.

  • I don’t think I’ve told you recently how fantastic your support is and how much we rely on you. You continually deliver outstanding support and never fail to exceed all the expectations that we have!

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